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Archaeology Museum (Odesa)
Archaeology Museum, built in 1875, contains an impressive collection of artefacts from the past Black Sea civilisations. The exhibition contains, among other things, a collection of ancient jewels and coins, and the museum is a good place if you're interested in the country's history.
Museum of Partisan Glory (Odesa)
In the nearby village of Nerubayske, northwest of Odessa, is a large system of tunnels, protecting the partisans during WW2. The tunnels have now been converted into a museum, where the visitors can get guided tours and hear the story behind the partisans and the fine tunnel system.
Opera & Ballet Theatre (Odesa)
The famous Opera & Ballet Theatre is situated in the centre of the town. The building is the home of opera and theatre and was built in 1880, designed by several architects, who gave the impressive building a baroque look with a dash of renaissance.

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• Odesa
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