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Highland Park Distillery: (Orkney)
At the most Northerly 'legal' and probably one of the best whisky distilleries in Scotland, you can watch the Barley Malting process take place. Tours run from April to October, Monday to Friday. Tickets costing £3.00, which includes a 'wee dram' (a small glass of whisky). Tel: 01856 874 619.
St Magnus Cathedral: (Orkney)
The Cathedral which is the town's most appealing site, originally started construction in the Norman style but ended up more gothic than anything else. Named after Magnus Erlendsson who was killed in 1115, the Cathedral is now his final resting place. The column where he is buried was once a site of pilgrimage said to possess divine powers. Open Monday to Saturday, admission is free and Sunday Service is at 11.15am.
Tomb of the Eagles: (Orkney)
In Liddle Farm, Isbister you will find this 5000 year old burial chamber. As well as a Bronze Age kitchen and family museum you can drag yourself along on a trolley through the entrance of the tomb where you will find human remains and the claws and carcases of sea eagles. Open April to October and November to March, tickets cost £2.00/£2.50.

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