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The town of Georgetown (Georgetown)
The largest town on the island is Georgetown. It is one of the towns with the most atmosphere in the entire Asia. You will find a town full of small uneven streets, where it is swarming with street traders and trishaws. Wealth of peoples lives in this town and mosques and temples are situated next to each other. There are many grandiose buildings in the town. The Town Hall is one of those buildings. It is built in old British colonial style. The impressive Khoo Kongsi, which is an old Chinese clan house, is another one.
The Kek Lok Si Temple (Penang)
The temple is one of the finest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. Kek Lok Si is situated majestically on the top of a hill near the village of Ayer Itam. The temple is huge and the Ten Thousand Buddhas' Pagoda is placed in the middle of the temple. The pagoda consists of many floors and the building has a golden top with the form of a spiral.
The mountain Penang Hill (Penang)
The first mountain station, Penang Hill, is situated 830 metres above sea level. You can either walk to the summit or you can go by one of the trains especially made for this purpose. Besides the cool and refreshing climate, there is also a fantastic view over Penang and the main land from the top of the mountain.

Area and city attractions

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