Attractions from Peshawar

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Khyber Pass (Peshawar)
This border region, near Peshawar, between the present countries, which used to be kingdoms, is not a place one goes to enjoy the view, but to honor the many people who have transported goods from one part of the continent to another for centuries. The Khyber Pass is an idea, a dream, and in the midst of this dream and the beautiful surroundings live many of the mountain tribes, who makes the area unsafe.
Peshawar Museum (Peshawar)
Besides Buddhist and Gandaraic artwork, there's a fine ethnographic collection from the tribal people of the area. If you want to understand how they're different from the ordinary Pakistani, this is a good place to start.
The old district (Peshawar)
The old district is the reason for coming to Peshawar, and you'll most unlikely not grow tired of observing the different ethnic groups. The various mountain tribes wander around in their traditional clothing and try to find out what the modern world can offer them, to improve their life, while donkeys walk around in the various covered bazaars, with provisions and goods.

Area and city attractions

• Gilgit
• Karachi
• Lahore
• Peshawar
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