Travel guide to Port Louis

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Local name
Port Louis
142.000 (1997)
When the time is 12.00. in England (summertime) it is 15.00 in Port Louis When the time is 12.00. in England (wintertime) it is 16.00 in Port Louis

Best time to visit

Around Christmas there are a lot of tourists in the city. You can visit the city all year, but it is very fun to go here when they celebrate the Chinese New Year. During the Chinese New Year there are a lot processions and fireworks.

Culture and entertainment

Due to the many religions in Mauritius there are religious festivals all year round in Port Louis. It is especially interesting to see the Chinese New Year and Maha Shivaratri, which is the biggest Hindi festival outside India.

Accommodation / Hotel

In Port Louis you will find a lot of good and cheap hotels. If you prefer to stay at luxurious hotels the city also have plenty. There are no hostels in the city but you can easily find a small hotel, whose prices are competitive, compared to hostels in other countries. Book your hotel in Port Louis here

Local transport



It is easy to get a taxi in Port Louis. You can know the taxis by their white number plates. Most of the taxis do not have a taximeter so be sure to settle the price for your drive in advance.

Other transport

There are good bus connections from Port Louis to the rest of the island. From Port Louis you can take a ferry to Rodrigues. Since the traffic in Port Louis is very chaotic, they are planning to construct a streetcar system.
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