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Quebec City has the Winter Carnival during the last two weeks of February, where you can see the parades, ice palaces, ice sculptures, canoe races, music and dancing. The skiing terrain is excellent during the winter, too. You can experience the beautiful nature all you round, but if you want to have a chance of seeing the blue whales at the Charlevoix-coast, you have to be there between June and September. The small, eastern cities are best to visit during the fall, where the leaves fall of the trees in beautiful colours.


Michelin Green Guide Québec (2061573037)

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Time zone

When it is 12.00 in England, it is 06.00 in Quebec.

Culture and entertainment

The colourful Winter Carnival attracts more than a million people to Quebec during the last two weeks of February. You can also visit the small towns, with peaceful, narrow streets and lovely stone houses, along the east coast, where you can also try some of the traditional regional dishes.

Accommodation / Hotel

You'll find all kinds of accommodation in Quebec, from the large ski hotels in the Laurentians and the elegant Relais & Chateaux houses in the eastern villages to the simple guesthouses of the Gaspé peninsula. Book your hotel in Quebec here

Local transport



There are taxis in all major cities in Quebec. The largest companies are Taxi Quebec and Taxi Coop.

Other transport

VIA-Rail operates all over the province, but you can also take the bus from city to city. You can rent a horse carriage when travelling over short distances, or rent a bicycle. Quebec also has a large number of ferries.

Special conditions

Some places in Quebec, the inhabitants only speak French, so it might be wise to know a few phrases.
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