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Asclepius Sanctuary (Rhodes and Kos)
Asclepius' Sanctuary, in Kos, was a recreational place in the ancient Greece, and furthermore, where the first scientific medical school had its home. Some of its most famous inhabitants were the physician Hippocrates, the painter Apelles and the poets Philetas and Theocritus.
The castle of the Crusaders (Rhodes and Kos)
The crusaders built this magnificent castle in the 14th century, in Rhodes city. The castle is located in the old district of the city and is a fantastic building, visited by many tourists. A city wall surrounds the old district.
The statue of Colossus (Rhodes and Kos)
The huge statue of Colossus, built 282 years B.C., guards the port of Rhodes city. 226 years B.C., an earthquake struck Rhodes and the statue had one of its knees damaged. When asked, an oracle forbade the reconstruction of the knee, and thus destined the statue to live on with one bad knee.

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