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Longhouses in the village of Segu Bunuk (Sabah and Sarawak)
In the village of Segu Bunuk you will see the traditional way of housing of the natives of Sarawaks, the longhouses. The longhouses can be up to 180 metres long and 20 metres wide. A longhouse can house up to 300 people. Each family has its own compartment, but it is on the terrace of the house that most activities take place. Here they cook, repair clothing and eat.
Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre (Sabah and Sarawak)
Orangutans that have been in captivity are trained to look after themselves in nature on this centre. During the training they will learn how to find food and survive in the rain forest. The possibilities of walking around in the national park near the centre are good.
The Kinabalu Mountain (Sabah and Sarawak)
This 4101 metres tall mountain dominates the scenery of Kinbalu Park. It rises above the tropical rain forest, which has a fantastic flora and is famous for its many species of orchids. Considering the height of mount Kinabalu, it is fairly easy to climb and it can be done in two days, even if you are not in the best shape.
Turtle Island National Park (Sabah and Sarawak)
The three turtle islands are situated 40 kilometres north of Sandakan. The turtles crawl onto land on these islands to dig their eggs into the sand. Small turtles dig their way up of the sand and go for the sea on these islands. The only island, which can be accessed by tourists, is Pulau Seligan.

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