Attractions from San Francisco

Attractions from

Chinatown (San Francisco)
Chinatown is the most colourful part of San Francisco. About 30.000 Chinese people live here crammed into their own little China with colourful stores and monuments. A good time to visit the area is during the Chinese New Year in January, where the entire district turns into one big parade.
Golden Gate Park (San Francisco)
Golden Gate Park covers more than 10 kilometers and consists of beatiful flower gardens, lakes and large green areas. Most people come to the park to relax, go for a sail on one of the lakes or exercise on the lawns. The park is also home to different museums and an aquarium, which gives you something to do even if the weather is unsuitable for outdoor activities.
The San Francisco Bay (San Francisco)
The San Francisco Bay is filled with bridges and surrounded by cities and hilly landscapes. San Francisco Bay is the largest inlet on the Californian coast, and there are many sailboats and ferries on it every day. From the mouth of the inlet you can see the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, which was built in 1937.

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