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San Francisco is a popular vacation destination located within California on the eastern coast of the US. The ideal place to let go of your inhibitions and embrace the innovative, creative and outlandish, this city is designed for travelers who want to experience everything magical in the world within one single city.

With the highest number of restaurants and farmers’ markets per capital in North America, distinctly different neighborhood microclimates and cheap accommodation in San Francisco, this city’s intoxicating qualities will leave you lost for words.

The city’s emblematic Golden Gate Bridge is one of its most characteristic landmarks, featured in a great number of films and TV shows. Whilst the views of this bridge from the sidelines are breathtaking enough, the vistas from the bridge itself are even better. Whether you drive, cycle or walk across the artistic masterpiece, you’ll be treated to panoramic views which sweep across picturesque San Francisco from left to right.

If you think a city which has a bridge as its best attraction must be pretty boring – think again. This fabulous city is also home to a number of chilled out gardens, stylish art galleries, fascinating museums and awesome historical sites, such as Alcatraz which housed famous criminals like Al Capone. There’s also the city’s very own Chinatown, San Francisco cable car system, the Pier 39 shopping mall, Aquarium of the Bay and the family-friendly Exploratorium – and that’s just the start of it! Combine this huge assortment of attractions with cheap hotels in San Francisco and you’ve got a top quality vacation hotspot where you’ll never be stuck for something to do.

When it comes to dining in San Francisco, you’ll find the restaurants to be just as exceptional as everything else in the city. With world-class wineries, small farms and artisanal cheese makers found just minutes away, the chefs of San Francisco have the best of the best when it comes to ingredients, which means they can produce unparalleled flavor sensations with every dish, whether it’s a simple steak and fries or an elaborate chicken chow mein with glass noodles.

The accommodation options within the city provide something for every budget, group size and style. Whether you’re a flashy business traveler who can afford to splash out on a five-star hotel or a four-person family looking for cheap vacation rentals in San Francisco, you’re sure to find your needs catered for here.
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