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Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, found in the south of the country, just back from the coast. Intimidating at a first glance, this colossal city covers a vast amount of space which contains everything from sophisticated bistros, swanky art galleries and experimental theatres to off-the-beaten-track tours, underground nightclubs and cheap accommodation in Sao Paulo, providing something for every type of traveller to enjoy.

Not only does the city feature a wide variety of attractions and sites, but it’s also home to an equally vast assortment of cultures, ranging from Germans, Spanish and Russians to Americans, French and even the largest Italian population outside Italy. With such a huge international population, you’ll find yourself presented with a colourful kaleidoscope of restaurants, stores, accommodation options and points of interest catering for people of all cultures and nationalities here.

With live samba music played in most bars on Saturday nights, the sprawling Bohemian nightclubs of Vila Madalena and the young up-and-coming bars of Itaim Bibi, those in search for incredible nightlife will be in their element in this city. Which such a wide choice of cheap vacation rentals in Sao Paulo, you’re sure to find a hotel that’s not too far a walk from your chosen nightlife hotspot, too.

But vibrant clubs and bars isn’t all Sao Paulo has to offer. For foodies, there’s the delectable street food found throughout the city, the municipal food market in downtown Sao Paulo and the delectable Churrascaria restaurants. Whilst for the culture vultures, there’s the MASP –the city’s best art gallery, the inspiring Latin America memorial and the enlightening Pinacoteca do Estado art gallery with its European-style garden.

Whatever type of vacation you’re into, you’re sure to enjoy the area around the MASP art gallery which bursts into life with street food kiosks and handicraft stalls on Sundays, the stunning architecture which is found in abundance throughout the city, the peaceful Parque Ibirapuera with its simple walking trails and the cheap hotels in Sao Paulo, designed so that everyone can enjoy a vacation in this tourist hotspot – whatever your budget.

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