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Pike Place Market (Seattle)
The Pike Place Market is more than 90 years old and one of Seattle's most popular markets. There are several arcades with stalls and many booths out in the open as well. On weekdays the atmosphere on the market is quite calm and quiet, while the weekend can be very lively and chaotic. The market offers lots of food, for instance fresh fish and crabs. About half of the stalls sell locally crafted artwork, mostly to tourists.
Seattle Center (Seattle)
The Seattle Center is what is left from the "Century 21 Exposition" in 1962, where 10 million people visited Seattle. Her you will find the Space needle, which is a 180 meters tall tower with a restaurant on top and a phenomenal view over the city. This area is also where you will find the city's biggest amusement park and the Seattle Opera House.
The U District (The University area) (Seattle)
When you speak of "the U District", you are usually referring to the university area of Seattle. It is a cozy and charming place to take a walk or sit on one of the many restaurants or cafés. The area also has several good museums, for instance the Burke Museum, which has an outstanding collection of dinosaur skeletons and Native American artifacts. This is where you find Washington Park Arboretum, too, which has 5500 different plants and large areas with forest and gardens.

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