Travel guide to Seoul

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Local name
10,229,262 (1995)
When it is 12 noon in the UK (summer time), it is 8 pm in Seoul. When it is 12 noon in the UK (winter time), it is 9 pm in Seoul.

Best time to visit

You can enjoy a visit to Seoul year round, but the best time to go is from September to November and then again from April to May, when the sun is usually shining from a clear blue sky.



Culture and entertainment

The Sokchonje Festival is in March and September where people are gathered to listen to traditional music and watch colourful parades. Buddha's Birthday is celebrated all over the country in late April or early May. One of the most significant festivals, also celebrated all over the country, is the Harvest Moon Festival, which is held in early September.

Accommodation / Hotel

The choice of overnight accommodation is good in Seoul. The city has everything from luxurious, expensive hotels to small, inexpensive hostels. Book your hotel in Seoul here

Local transport



There are a lot of taxis in Seoul. It is easy to get a taxi in the street, but you can also order one by phone at an extra charge.

Other transport

There is a local bus service in Seoul and also a very good subway, which covers most of the city.
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