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The Aleksandâr Nevski Cathedral (Sofia)
-The sparkling symbol of Sofia. The magnificent Aleksandâr Nevski Cathedral with the golden domes is the symbol of Sofia. The cathedral is named after a Russian general and is the greatest of its kind at the Balkan. The huge building was finished in the mid 1920's and looks amazing both from the inside and the outside.
The Dimitrov Mausoleum (Sofia)
-a relic of the past The Dimitrov Mausoleum was built in six days and six nights directly after the death of the country's former party leader Georgi Dimitrov in 1949.The Mausoleum housed the embalmed body of Dimitrov until 1989, and even though the Mausoleum is not any longer used it is worth a visit for tourists who are interested in history.
The Palace of culture in Sofia (Sofia)
Sofia's huge Palace of Culture, built during the communism, was an attempt to create a place where the inhabitants could meet and engage in culture. And in contrast to many of the things created by communism this actually worked. The huge palace houses cafés, book shops bingo halls and much more.

Area and city attractions

• Plovdiv
• Sofia
• Varna
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