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Fort Christiansvaern (St. Croix)
The old capital of Christianssted has found security in Fort Christiansvaern since it was completed in 1749. Today the fort is a museum with displays in the dungeons and soldiers' quarters, but in the past it has served as protection against pirates, as a church, and as the Governor's mansion.
Fort Frederik (St. Croix)
In Frederikssted Fort Frederik stands much as it did when it was built in 1760. Its original purpose was to protect the planters against pirates and rebellious slaves. Next to the fort is the Emancipation Square where Peter von Scholten gave the slaves their freedom on July 3, 1848. Since 1976 the fort has been a museum for among other things the slaves' declaration of freedom.
St. Croix Aquarium (St. Croix)
If you are planning to go snorkelling, the aquarium gives you a good idea of what to expect below the surface. Located in the old customs house in Christianssted, the aquarium is filled with tropical fishes, sea urchins, corals, and many other forms of sea-dwelling animals. Occasionally, the aquarium is used for educational purposes.

Area and city attractions

• St. Croix
• St. John
• St. Thomas
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