Attractions from St. Thomas

Attractions from

Blackbeards Castle (St. Thomas)
This tower is considered by many to be most important and oldest existing buildings in the Virgin Islands. Some time after its construction in 1679, the tower was in the hands of pirates, hence the name Blackbeard's Castle. Today the building is converted in to a hotel.
Government House (St. Thomas)
Once you brave the steps from Norre Gade to Government Hill you come to the house that was built in 1867 for the Danish governor general. Today the American governor lives in the house, but the ground floor is open to visitors. Next-door is the splendid Seven Arches Museum.
The 99 Steps (St. Thomas)
Without a doubt the most famous flight of stairs in Charlotte Amalie, this long brick staircase actually has 103 steps. Leading from the Governor's House to Blackbeard's Castle, it is built from Danish brick that were brought to the islands as ships' ballast.

Area and city attractions

• St. Croix
• St. John
• St. Thomas
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