Attractions from Stockholm

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Gamle Stan (Stockholm)
This is the oldest part of the city. You will suddenly step back 300 years in time. The oldest buildings are from the 14th century, though. You will see streets, houses and shops, you have only read about in history books. You should also visit "Djurgården", which is a large island east of Stockholm containing several museums.
Museums (Stockholm)
There are plenty of sights and attractions in Stockholm, such as the National Museum, the August Strindberg Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Royal Palace and much more. Stockholm has a tradition of good museums.
The Vasa Museum (Stockholm)
The large royal yacht Vasa sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 in the middle of the archipelago. It is an extremely well preserved and impressive sight situated in a very architectonic museum. The museum is also situated on Djurgården.

Area and city attractions

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