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Anders Zorn Museum (Mora)
The Zorn museum is, just as Zorn's home farm, something quite special. You can get a good impression of this interesting and very colourful person that Anders Zorn was. This quality is also present in his paintings and his home.
Rödding Fishing (Mora)
Rödding is the best tasting freshwater fish in the world and is found in the Siljan Lake. You can see a fishing area and a museum on a small island by this beautiful lake.
The Vasa Race (Vasalopp ) Museum (Mora)
The Vasa Race museum is just as good fun as the goal where the tired skiers enter. It is situated in the town centre. Next to it is the Mora Church, a good example of Swedish woodcraft from the 13th century.
Gamle Stan (Stockholm)
This is the oldest part of the city. You will suddenly step back 300 years in time. The oldest buildings are from the 14th century, though. You will see streets, houses and shops, you have only read about in history books. You should also visit "Djurgården", which is a large island east of Stockholm containing several museums.
Museums (Stockholm)
There are plenty of sights and attractions in Stockholm, such as the National Museum, the August Strindberg Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Royal Palace and much more. Stockholm has a tradition of good museums.
The Vasa Museum (Stockholm)
The large royal yacht Vasa sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 in the middle of the archipelago. It is an extremely well preserved and impressive sight situated in a very architectonic museum. The museum is also situated on Djurgården.
Falu Koppargruva (Svealand)
In the copper mines in Falun, Falu Koppargruva, you can literally explore the inner of the earth. This is an impressive sight, and the mines were also the most important copper mines in the world in the 18th century. The first historical drawings were made in 1288, where the bishop of Västerås bought shares in the mining company.
Festival in Rättvik and Leksand (Svealand)
Other important events are the mid summer festivals in Rättvik or Leksand in Dalarna. There are also good ski resorts in the mountains, which borders on Norway.
Uppsala (Svealand)
This old University City has great historical character, and many sights and attractions. In the old city centre (4 km from the present centre) there are three large Viking burial mounds. It is said that the Vikings Aun, Egil and Adil are buried here. In the city itself, they have a large and famous cathedral, which dates back to the 16th century. The place has been used for churches since 1164, though.

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