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This metropolis has anything the heart can desire. If you leave the skyscrapers and go into the small streets you will quickly see that old traditions are alive and thriving. Aside from the suburbs Tokyo is divided into 23 districts (ku). Each neighbourhood has its own atmosphere. Tokyo has everything: shopping, a wild nightlife, sumo wrestling, restaurants and culture. The contrasts between old and new are fascinating. The city swarms with life and its fabulous city lights guarantee you an experience for life.


Local name
When the time is 12.00 in England (summertime) it is 20.00 in Tokyo. When the time is 12.00 in England (wintertime) it is 21.00 in Tokyo.

Best time to visit

You can experience Tokyo all year round. The city always offers the visitor plenty of things to do no matter what time of year you come. However, when planning your trip you should consider that the heat is intense and air very humid in June-August. You should also be aware that it could be very difficult to find a place to sleep around New Year, the Golden Week and in the summertime, when it is high season.


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Culture and entertainment

The cultural life in Tokyo offers diverse experiences from sumo wrestling to karaoke. Japan also has a lot of bank holidays that are celebrated with fabulous long lasting ceremonies. At O Bon (Festival of the Dead the 7th of July) rivers, lakes and harbours are filled with lanterns to symbolise the return of the dead from the underworld.

Accommodation / Hotel

It is expensive to stay in Tokyo. The cheapest places to live can be found in the neighbourhoods around Ueno, Ikebukuro and Shinjuko. These neighbourhoods also have good Japanese food at reasonable prices. Book your hotel in Tokyo here

Local transport


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