Travel guide to Toronto


Local name
When it is 12.00 in England, it is 06.00 in Toronto.

Best time to visit

Toronto can be visited all year round, but the climate is most pleasant in May and October, as the Lake Ontario breezes aren't as chilly during these months. The temperature usually climbs below zero during the winter, so bring a woollen sweater. The amount of activity is high all year round and something is always happening in Toronto.


Hip Guide to Toronto (0921912994)

Culture and entertainment

Toronto equals a multitude of cultural experiences and entertainment, and due to its multiethnic mixture, you'll always find a new experience around the next corner. Visit one of the many museums, the planetarium, touch the skies at the top of the CN Tower, or see a hockey or basketball game or one the many ethnic festivals, with exotic names, such as "Caravan", "Chin" and "Caribana".

Accommodation / Hotel

Toronto has more than 32,000 hotel rooms, so there's plenty to choose from. There are the five-star hotels for the affluent, while the less picky will easily find an acceptable budget hotel, B&B, guesthouse, Inn, university dorm room or camping (outside of the city). Book your hotel in Toronto here

Local transport



There are plenty of taxis in Toronto; all you have to do is get into the streets.

Other transport

There are buses, trams and a metro operating within the city limits. You can also rent a car, and the VIA-Rail trains and Greyhound buses will take you out of the city.
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