Travel guide to Torshavn

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Local name
When the time is 11.00 in Britain, it is 11.00 in Torshavn.

Best time to visit

The peak season in Torshavn as on the rest of the islands is from June to September.

Culture and entertainment

Being centrally situated, Torshavn is the cultural centre of the Faroe Islands, and there are several theatres in the city. There are also many sports halls and football courts with artificial grass. The old houses in Torshavn are beautiful and definitely worth a visit. In August, a Jazz, Fòlka and Blues Festival is arranged in Torshavn, which also attracts foreign artists. The Olai festival is held on 29th July.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are many good accommodation possibilities in Torshavn. There is a large selection of hotels in all price ranges. There is also a fine hostel and a camping site with good facilities. Book your hotel in Torshavn here

Local transport



It is easy to get a taxi at the taxi stand at the city hall, but it is also possible to call for one. The taxis have a fixed basic rate and drive by fare metre.

Other transport

The bus network in Torshavn is very good. During the day, buses go every 30 minutes, and in the evening once every hour. The local buses go all routes from Torshavn.
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