Travel guide to Tuscany



Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The scenic region of Tuscany is at its best during the periods of time from March to May, and again from September to October.


Eyewitness Travel Guides: Florence and Tuscany

Local conditions


Time zone

When the time is 12:00 p.m. in England (GMT), it is 01:00 p.m. in Tuscany.

Accommodation / Hotel

There is a wide variety of accommodation facilities in Tuscany. In the different towns, it is possible to find hotels represented in all price categories, and if the budget doesn't allow unnecessary luxury there are always the more inexpensive hostels to turn to. In the countryside, it is possible to rent villas, or maybe even a room in one of the many Tuscan castles. Book your hotel in Tuscany here

Local transport



There are taxies to be found in all the towns in Tuscany. Look for the cabstands if you need a taxi.

Other transport

The different towns and villages in Tuscany are connected by bus routes.
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