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The Anna column in Innsbruck (Innsbruck)
The Anna collumn in Innsbruck was erected in 1703 as a symbol of the successful dislodging of the enemy from town. On top of the column you can see a statue of Maria Teresia. She had the city's triumphal arch built in 1765 to celebrate her son Leopold's wedding.
The Golden Roof in Innsbruck (Innsbruck)
Goldenes Dachl in Innsbruck was built around year 1500. The golden roof is an oriel with a gilt roof-top which consists of around 3400 gilt copper plates. The oriel was ordered by Maximilian I and was supposed to work as a stand for the Court when events were going on on the square opposite the oriel.
The sarcophag of Maximillian I (Tyrol)
In Hofkirche you'll find the impressive sarcophag of Maximilian I. The sarcophag is made of black marble and is surrounded by 8 bronze statues, all the size of a grown man. The church at the sarcophag was built in the period of 1553-63 by Nikolaus Türing.

Area and city attractions

• Innsbruck
• Salzburg
• Vienna
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