Attractions from Umeå

Attractions from

Gammlia (Umeå)
This area consists of a good number of different museums and is situated one kilometre east of the city centre. You will find the Museum of Modern Arts, Bildmuseet (the Paintings Museum), the Maritime Museum and the Open Air Museum with old buildings and traditional national costumes.
Holmön (Umeå)
This area is said to be the sunniest place in Sweden. It is a small island situated 15 kilometres of the coast. It has a small boat museum with a collection of traditional crafts. This is also the starting point of an annual rowboat regatta to Finland, which takes place in July.
Prehistoric World Museum (Umeå)
The prehistoric museum (Förhistoriska Världen) has exhibitions about the original people, their development and life. There are exhibitions of fossils, mammoth teeth and a few parts of the local sword cat.

Area and city attractions

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