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Kullorsuaq Mountain (Upernavik)
Kullorsuaq means "The Great Thumb" and is situated near the settlement of Kullorsuaq. It is also known as the Devil's Thumb, because it was the last thing, which the crew on an English whaling boat saw, before the ship wrecked in the ice. Kullorsuaq is the northern most settlement in western Greenland.
Navaranas Grave (Upernavik)
In the churchyard in Upernavik is the wife of the polar scientist Peter Freuchen, Navarana, buried. During the fifth Thule expedition she got ill and died. The grave is founded in concrete and very striking. Navarana hadn't been baptised and the priest refused to bury her, so Peter Freuchen did it himself.
Upernavik Island (Upernavik)
The region's most elevated point, The Top of Life, which is 151 metres above sea level, is situated on this island and provides you with a fantastic view of the bay and the its islands. The island is also the home of the old hunting settlement, Qataarmiut.
Upernavik Museum (Upernavik)
The museum is the northernmost open-air museum in the world, and consists of the entire old part of the town, where you can see buildings from the colonial times. Among other things, you can see the old parish community centre from 1863 and the old church, built in 1839. The buildings contain a large collection of historical objects.

Area and city attractions

• Disco Bay
• Godthab
• Jakobshavn
• Julianehåb
• Upernavik
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