Attractions from Washington D.C.

Attractions from

Federal Bureau of Investigation (The FBI Headquarters) (Washington D.C.)
The FBI Headquarters are named after J. Edgar Hoover, and it is one of the more popular attractions in Washington D.C. You can go on a tour through crime laboratories where you can see how a DNA-test is performed. The tour ends with a live machine-gun demonstration.
The Congress Library (Washington D.C.)
The Congress Library has about 100 million articles: for instance 26 million books and 36 million manuscripts, cards and photographies. It is the biggest library in the world. But not only is the collection of books impressive. The buildings are incredibly beautiful, and you can on occasion go and enjoy a concert or see a film here.
The White House (Washington D.C.)
Since 1800 all the presidents of the United States have lived in The White House on the most famous address in the country. The house has survived the British attempt to burn it down in 1814 as well as several presidents and especially presidents' wives who have tried to redecorate the entire building. The house is open daily for guided tours, where you can visit eight rooms in the impressive building.

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