Attractions from Ankara

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Hizar (Ankara)
Almost all of Ankara's historical monuments are situated around the old citadel of Hizar. According to the legend, and anchor was found while building the citadel and that was how Ankara (Ancyra in Turkish) got its name. Inside the walls you'll find examples of old Turkish houses and the bazaar "Bedesten".
Shopping (Ankara)
The possibilities for shopping are great in Ankara, maybe in Atakule and Karum Centre, which are large shopping malls, where you can find cheap and good products. Ankara is also a good place to look for specialities, such as honey, wool and pears.
The Ruins (Ankara)
A visit to Ankara should include seeing the ruins of the ancient Roman theatre and the Roman bath from the 3rd century. You should also see Julian's column, a memorial from the 4th century.

Area and city attractions

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