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Attractions from Turkey

Adana (Adana)
Adana is Turkey's fourth-largest city and in many ways a very modern city. There are some interesting sights in the area, and an archaeological museum in Adana itself. On your way to Iskenderun you can find several of the Roman's remains. Adana is furthermore famous for its Adana-kebab.
Alanya (Alanya)
Alanya, 155 km east of Antalya, and quite capable of competing with this about the tourists, has several attractions as well, such as an ancient tower which was probably used as a lighthouse once, a mosque from 1250 and a former Byzantine church, now housing the local archaeological museum.
Hizar (Ankara)
Almost all of Ankara's historical monuments are situated around the old citadel of Hizar. According to the legend, and anchor was found while building the citadel and that was how Ankara (Ancyra in Turkish) got its name. Inside the walls you'll find examples of old Turkish houses and the bazaar "Bedesten".
Shopping (Ankara)
The possibilities for shopping are great in Ankara, maybe in Atakule and Karum Centre, which are large shopping malls, where you can find cheap and good products. Ankara is also a good place to look for specialities, such as honey, wool and pears.
The Ruins (Ankara)
A visit to Ankara should include seeing the ruins of the ancient Roman theatre and the Roman bath from the 3rd century. You should also see Julian's column, a memorial from the 4th century.
The town of Artvin (Artvin)
Artvin is an incredibly nice town with a pleasant atmosphere, with picturesque houses and streets and surrounded by large forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. Coruh River traverses the area, and the possibilities of river rafting are excellent.
The town of Bayburt (Bayburt)
Bayburt used to be an important point on the old Silk Road and was visited by Marco Polo, among others. The town contains the ruins of a Byzantine castle, along with several interesting mosques. You can also get a Turkish bath or see the amazing Sirakayalar waterfall.
Aya Sofya Church and the Blue Mosque (Istanbul)
Aya Sofya was built in 548 and was the greatest church in Christendom back then. The Church of the Divine Wisdom, as it is called, has had to survive many earthquakes throughout the years, though, and is now being supported by pillars of cement, giving it a very used appearance. It is very impressive on the inside, though. You can also see the Blue Mosque, with the most beautiful proportions and radiating such elegance, that you can't even begin to imagine it.
Topkapi Palace (Istanbul)
Topkapi Palace is a must to see, when in Istanbul. The building was erected in the 15th century, and has served as the home of several sultans and hundreds of concubines during the centuries. The palace harem was a small community in itself, and sometimes more than 500 people lived in the palace simultaneously.
The town of Sivas (Sivas)
Sivas is situated 1275 metres above sea level, which makes it the highest situated town in Anatolia. At the same time it also the most mountainous region and has served as a hiding place in periods of war throughout the centuries. Sivas has several interesting ruins all the way back from the 12th century.

Area and city attractions

• Adana
• Alanya
• Ankara
• Artvin
• Bayburt
• Istanbul
• Sivas
• Tasucu

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