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Attractions from Argentina

Colón Theatre (Argentina)
This theatre is not only an ornament of Buenos Aires but of the whole of Argentina too. It is one of the most impressive theatres in the whole world and is incredibly beautiful inside and out. The theatre presents grand productions and gives a very interesting guided tour that explores even the smallest corner.
Football (Argentina)
If you are visiting one of the big cities you should not cheat yourself and definitely secure yourself a spectator's place at a football game. Even if you are not the slightest bit interested in the sport it is essential to experience Argentina's football circus in order to understand what this sport really means to the population. Across the whole of Argentina, the name Defo Maradona causes a dreamy look in the eyes as Argentineans talk about love, greatness and failure.
Iguazú Waterfall (Argentina)
The gigantic Iguazú waterfall is on the border between Argentina and Brazil and is for many the high point of their visit to Argentina. There is a really good reason for this. This water mass crashes and splashes all over the place and drags beautiful rainbows out behind it. Small paths guide one around the impressive park, it is also possible to sail out really close to the mighty water or see the whole thing from above, in a helicopter.
Quebrada de Humahuaca (Argentina)
This area is situated in northwestern Argentina and provides the most luxurious and painterly scenery within the barren desert. Churches from colonial times spring up out of the sand all over the place but otherwise one still is very much aware of the continents original inhabitants - The Indians.
The Cerro Fitzroy National Park (Argentina)
Just a few hours from the city of Calafate, the mountaintops in Cerro Fitzroy National Park rise up over the Mecca for ramblers and hikers. Under the constant clouds, the snow covered mountain-chain meanders through plains and fertile forests. This area is a challenge both for experienced mountain climbers and for the happy amateur wearing hiking boots for the first time.
The Falkland Islands (Argentina)
In spite of the fact that these islands are still under British rule, they are a potential destination for Argentina bound travellers with an interest in animal life. The islands have the most unbelievable animal life and it is surprisingly easy to get close to the animals. Seals, penguins and sea lions are among the many fascinating animals one is able to observe from a close distance. Anglers will also enjoy being able to pull out one sea trout after the other out of the water.
The Glaciares National Park (Argentina)
This park boasts impressive example of massive glaciers. The Perito Moreno glacier is particularly impressive; it can take your breath away watching as water from the neighbouring lake breaks off bits from this wall of ice in magnificent surroundings. The gateway to the park is the town El Calafate, in Santa Cruz Province.
The Jesuit Ruins in Missiones (Argentina)
The Missiones Province is situated in the north east of Argentina on the route between the Iguazú waterfall and Buenos Aires. There are some remarkable ruins that stem from the 1600's Spanish Jesuit civilisation. The acclaimed film, The Mission was shot in his area. The ruins can be reached from the town of San Ignacio de Mini.
The Laguna de los Pozoelos National Park (Argentina)
It is not exactly Flamingos that one expects to find at a height of 4000 metres. Anyway, there are no less three different types in this park in Jujuy Province. Here, one can also find the endangered lama specie, the vincuna, as it struts around the park's many places of archaeological interest. Wear warm clothes, the wind that pierces through the Andes Mountains can be merciless.
The Perito Fransisco P Morno National Park (Argentina)
Argentina's rich animal life is well represented in this park, which fortunately up to now has not been taken over by one of the large tour companies. The mountainsides are almost coloured by its versatile nuances and pumas, foxes, condors and even flamingos live in this peaceful paradise.

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