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Attractions from Australia

Adelaide (Adelaide)
The capital of South Australia impresses with its modern architecture, mixed with the old, caroming and restored buildings. The city is the cultural stronghold of the state, and several festivals are held throughout the year. A large number of the restaurants and cafés are located on the impressive hills surrounding Adelaide.
Port Moresby, Rabaul and Madang (Australia)
The beaches and coral reefs at these places provides excellent opportunities of snorkelling and swimming, as well as other water sports activities on the blue sea.
Barossa (Australia)
Barossa is situated about an hour's drive from Adelaide, and is a great, intimate place with lots of older architecture. Barossa is the home of about 50 vineyards, from small family-businesses to large, national companies. An impressive region with lots of opportunities to taste some wine.
Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest living organism, and an ideal place for snorkelling and diving, where you'll see the entire scale of colours represented on the coral reef and on the amazing fishes in the sea.
Rabaul (Australia)
One of Papua New Guinea's most beautiful cities, until it was destroyed by a volcanic outburst by Tuvuvur in 1994. The city is still worth a visit and you can climb on most of the volcanoes in the area, except Tuvuvur, which is still active.
The nature reserve of Hinchinbrook Island (Australia)
The reserve is a great place to go, if you want to trek, and you can walk from tropical rainforest to amazingly beaches with azure water, without seeing a single other tourist. Hinchinbrook Island is Australia's largest nature reserve, situated on an island, and is a tropical paradise far from civilisation.
The Uluru rock (Ayers Rock) (Australia)
The enormous rock in the middle of the desert is of tremendous cultural significance to the local Aboriginals. Besides climbing the 348 metres high rock and watching it change colours in the sunset, you can, when walking around the rock, find many caves and engravings made by the local Aboriginals.
Broome (Broome)
The city of Broome is situated 2213 km north of Perth on the northern coast, and is a very special and exotic city. It is a city with a multicultural population, mostly due to the fact that it has been one of the best places to find pearls. Lots of people went there in the 19th and 20th century to find fortune, and today Broome is a happening place with lots of parties and probably the best beach in Australia.
The islands of Bathurst and Melville (Darwin)
The islands are located about 80 km north of Darwin, and are almost covered by rainforest and impressive waterfalls. The islands are the home of the Tiwi people, famous for their tie-and-dye, silk clothing, weaving and crockery. The Tiwi people will gladly invite you inside and tell you about their culture and religion, but the islands can only be visited on organised one- or two-day trips.
The Great Lakes district (New South Wales)
The Great Lakes district is situated by the coast of New South Wales, and is one of Australia's most popular tourist destinations. The district is famous for its beautiful, sandy beaches and rainforest, which extends all the way down to the coast. The city of Port Macpuarie is an excellent place for fishing, surfing and sailing.

Area and city attractions

• Adelaide
• Broome
• Darwin
• Perth
• Sydney

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