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Attractions from Bermuda

Crystal caves (Bermuda)
In the Crystal caves you will find fantastic stalactite formations. These caves were discovered coincidentally in 1907 by two boys playing ball. When the ball disappeared down a hole, the boys dug down after it and found themselves in a vast cavern.
Devils hole Aquarium (Bermuda)
In 1830, a Mr. Trott built a wall around his fish pond - manifestly to prevent people from fishing in it - and, naturally, was besieged with questions about what he was hiding. Thus, Mr. Trott permitted people to view his fish pond for a fee. These days, the deep pool contains sharks and turtles.
Fortress St. Catherine (Bermuda)
This fortress is the most impressive sight on the island. The building of this magnificent fortress was begun around 1613 and it is now beautifully restored with cannons, tunnels and ramparts to satisfy even the most avid military historian. The fortress has been remodelled at least five times.
Gibbs hill Lighthouse (Bermuda)
The second cast-iron lighthouse ever built soars above Southampton parish. The tower stands 1206 metres above the sea. Originally the light was produced by a concentrated burner of four large wicks, but today the beam comes from 1,000 watt bulbs and can be seen by ships 65 kilometres out to sea.
Old Devonshire Church (Bermuda)
A church has been standing on this site since 1612, although the original was replaced in 1716. The replacement church was present until 1970, when it was almost wholly destroyed in an explosion on Easter Sunday. The present church is a faithful reconstruction.
Ordnance Island (Bermuda)
A splendid Desmond Fountain statue of Sir George Somers dominates Ordnance Island. The ducking stool on the island is a replica of the one used to dunk gossips, nagging wives, and suspected witches in the water. Demonstrations are sometimes given, although volunteers say that getting dunked is no fun, even in fun.
Shipwrecks (Bermuda)
Outside the South Shore you will find many shipwrecks in the ocean - they may be an exploring adventure for an experienced diver.
Spittal Pond Nature Park (Bermuda)
A showcase of the Bermuda National Trust, this nature park provides you with many possibilities of walking on even long distances. From May to November more than 25 species of waterfowl winter here.
St. George (Bermuda)
This unspoiled town with a spectacular view of the harbour of St. George was formerly known as Bermuda's capital, and the town is excellent for sightseeing. It is still captured by the charm of the British settlement in "the New World". Many buildings and the tortuous alleys are from the colonial time, and several constructions, being hundreds of years old, have been restored and placed in museums.
St. Peters Church (Bermuda)
The tombstones here in Bermuda's oldest church-yard tell some interesting tales, indeed- this is the resting place of governors, doctors and pirates. Parts of the church date back to 1620; consequently it holds the distinction of being the oldest Anglican church. The present church was extended in 1713.

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