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Attractions from Canada

Calgary Tower (Calgary)
The 626-feet tower in the shape of a sceptre has a great view of the city, the surrounding plains and the majestic Rocky Mountains, rising 80 km away towards east. At special events a flame will burn on the top of Calgary Tower, which also includes a rotating restaurant, where you can have dinner while enjoying the view.
Glenbow Museum (Calgary)
Calgary's flagship among its museums and exhibitions is one of the best of its kind in Canada. Besides several travel and expedition exhibitions, the Glenbow Museum includes comprehensive exhibitions about the first settlers in Alberta, the European early settlers and later times' pioneers. The mineralogy section and the collection of arms and armours are excellent.
Heritage Park (Calgary)
More than 100 authentic buildings have been collected from all over western Canada and erected in the Heritage Park. The "neighbourhoods", which are "inhabited" by the staff, dressed in old costumes, has everything from an 1850 fur trader to a village outpost from 1910. Steam engines, horse drawn buses and steamships provide the transport around the park.
Peggys Cove (Maritime Provinces)
See why painters and photographers swarm to Peggy's Cove in Halifax, New Brunswick. This small fishing village is one of the most idyllic villages imaginable, with small wooden houses and a lighthouse, where you can find a post office, all constituting a lovely picture at the opening of St. Margaret's Bay, where the waves of the Atlantic meet the rocky coast.
Prince Edward Island National Park (Maritime Provinces)
This park is one of the greatest attractions in Canada. The tracks in the park, on the north coast of Prince Edward Island, lead through forest areas with rivers, lakes, and lots of wildlife to where the sea meets the red sandstone rocks, dunes and beaches, inviting you to go for a swim or observe the 200 different species of birds.
Roosevelts giant cabin in Fundy Bay (Maritime Provinces)
In Campobello Islands in Fundy Bay is the holiday residence of this old, American president, Roosevelt. The large 34-room cabin and the nature reserve in which it is situated attract many tourists to Fundy Bay, where the high tide has formed strange rock formations and caves.
Whales (Maritime Provinces)
Watching these giants of the ocean playing around in the sea is an unforgettable sight, which you can experience along the coasts of the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland. When and where depend on the season and geography, but it is almost guaranteed to see some of the many whale species passing the coast in New Brunswick, if you're there between July and September. Seeing a 30 metres long blue whale passing by isn't an unusual sight.
Notre-Dame Basilica (Montréal)
Notre-Dame Basilica is called the blue church, and is one of the most beautiful churches in North America. The interior decorations remind a little of the famous basilicas of Florence, and the pine and walnut carvings, the glass mosaics and the blue arches create a dream-like atmosphere for the more than 4000 people who can be inside this enormous church. The organ consists of more than 7000 pipes, making it the largest organ on the continent.
Old Montréal (Montréal)
Old Montréal is a great place for a pleasant walk, with is hundred-year-old houses, where you can get an impression of the history of Montreal and get some variation from the normal street life.
The Olympic Stadium and the Botanical Gardens (Montréal)
The futuristic stadium, which was finished in 1976, is an immense experience. The stadium itself, "Big O", shaped as a giant mollusc, and the 49 degrees leaning tower, supporting the roof, dominate the silhouette of the building in the eastern part of Montreal. There's more to the area though, as it is the home of the Montreal Botanical Garden, which has the world's largest, and finest, museum dedicated to insects.

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