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Attractions from Colombia

Museums and churches (Bogota)
The city has many interesting museums and old churches, for example Museo del Oro, Museo Nacional, Museo Arqueologico, Santa Clara, and San Francisco. All these sights show their own unique piece of Colombia's history, and they are all situated near the centre of the city, making it possible to walk from one sight to the next.
The mountain Cerro de Monserrate (Bogota)
If you want to get a spectacular view over the city, go to the top of the mountain, Cerro de Monserrate. This gives you a view over the whole city from the east. You can go to the top either by cable railway or walking up the mountain.
The salt cathedrals at Zipaquirá (Bogota)
Zipaquirá is situated 50 km north of Bogotá and it is famous for it's salt mines. The mines have been emptied and only contain small reserves, which stand like a mountain of salt. Inside the mountain, two subterranean salt cathedrals have been carved. One of them has been closed from safety reasons while the other is open for tourists. The open cathedral is enormous, 75 metres long and 18 metres tall. The rumour has it that it can contain more than 8,000 people.
The city of bucaramanga (Bucaramanga)
A modern and busy industrial city with a good climate. The city is known for its cigars and for one of the country's most exotic dishes, Hormiga Culona, a huge roasted ant to be eaten for supper.
The city of cali (Cali)
Cali is a rich and lively city with a hot climate. The city is famous for being home to the most beautiful women in Colombia. Beyond that, Cali is known for its salsa. Cali itself and the area surrounding the city are viewed as the centre of salsa.
Providencia (Colombia)
Providencia is situated about 90km north of San Andrés and is only 7km long. The island is very old and covered with mountains and rocks, once volcanoes. The coral reef of the island is totally unique and attracts many divers and people who want to snorkle.
San Andrés (Colombia)
The island of San Andrés is only 13km long and 3km broad. The island is flat and plain with coco palms. It has great sunny beaches. If one is tired of relaxing on the beach, the ocean aquarium is a great place to visit to see sharks, sea turtles, and dolphins.
The cities of San Agustin and Tierradentro (Colombia)
These cities are two of the biggest attractions in South-West Colombia because of their archaeological significance. On a walking tour through the cities you can discover lots of statues, graves, and barrows from ancient times, which tell the history of the country.
The city of Cartagena (Colombia)
Cartagena is a legendary and incredibly beautiful city known as the most fascinating city in Colombia. The city now has the second biggest harbour in Colombia, but the buildings from the 16th and 17th century have been preserved. This means that the city more or less seems like a living museum if you go for a stroll through the cosy streets.
The city of Medellin (Colombia)
Medellin was founded in 1616, but the city didn't really start to grow until the beginning of the 20th century. At first, the growth was caused by the coffee industry and later because of the textile industry. Today, two million people live in the city, and it is the second biggest city in Colombia.

Area and city attractions

• Bogota
• Bucaramanga
• Cali
• Popayán
• Tunja

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