Attractions from Cuba

Attractions from Cuba

Indian excavations (Baracoa)
The 56 archaeological excavations found in the area surrounding Baracoa are fantastic opportunities for those who are interested in archaeology, and would like to know more about the way of life of the earliest Cuban Indians.
The Asuncíon Church (Baracoa)
The cross called Cruz de la Parra, which Christopher Columbus is said to have erected here, is one of the treasures of this church.
The forts (Baracoa)
Between 1639 and 1742 three forts were built to protect the town of Baracoa. In 1652 the oldest of the three, El Castillo was severely damaged by the French, and today the fort has been turned into a hotel. The second fort, Fuerte la Punta is now a restaurant, while Fuerte Matachín, the last of the forts, houses one of the town's historical museums.
Las Terazas (Cuba)
This is the main town near the biosphere reserve covering 260 square kilometres of eastern Sierra del Rosario. Among other things, the town is the home of an ecological research centre and a museum, and in the reserve and surrounding coffee plantations there are great routes for an exciting walk.
The Cuevas de Bellamar cave system (Cuba)
This cave system just east of Havana consists of three kilometres of underground springs, surrounded by mysterious stalagmites and stalactites working to meet.
The Historical Museum of Havana (Cuba)
The former presidential residence is situated in La Habana Vieja on the left side of Plaza de Armas, where what was believed to be the mortal remains of Christopher Columbus was buried, until they were moved to the cathedral. The residence is now the Historical Museum of Havana, Museo de la Ciudad, and a visit here will provide you with an insight into the development of the city over the course of time.
The Indian town of Guama (Cuba)
In the province of Matanzas you will find this reconstructed Indian town, which has been built on islands connected by a number of wooden bridges. To honour the aboriginal Cuban population, numerous sculptures are found in the town, portraying its inhabitants doing daily chores typical of those days.
The Partagas cigar factory (Cuba)
For those who go to Havana for the tobacco, a visit to this factory is a must. The Partagas cigar factory is located in the old part of Havana, and produces 4 different cigar brands. Guided tours are offered a couple of times a day, during which you can stop at the gift shop, that will make even a connoisseur's collection look like an amateur's cigar box.
The Pirate Island of Isla de la Juventud (Cuba)
As did much of the pirate riff-raff of those days, the notorious pirate Henry Morgan hid from his pursuers on this island, which was formerly known as Parrot Island. This is the largest of 350 small islands, which make up the Archipiélago de los Cannarreos, and furthermore it was the source of inspiration for the writer Robert Louis Stevenson when writing the book Treasure Island. The coral islands a little offshore are the home of turtles, pelicans and iguanas, and is the perfect setting for a dive.
The Theatre of Matanzas (Cuba)
In the country town of Matanzas you will find a neo-classicist style theatre, in which 775 people can watch a play, ballet or opera sitting in elevated balconies. If needed, the floor of the Teatro Sautos can be elevated, turning the room into a ballroom.

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