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Attractions from Ecuador

The Bathing City Atacames (Atacames)
The bathing city at the northern part of the coast is the best place to go for a real beach holiday. During the night there is normally a very lively atmosphere at the city's bars and discos, where both foreign and Ecuadorian tourists relax after a long day with swimming and sunbathing under the burning sun near the equator.
Rafting (Baños)
River rafting is getting a more and more popular thing to do in the area. The mountain river Rio Patate is also excellent for the purpose, and it is a fascinating landscape you pass while trying to keep your boat on an even keel. In Banos you can find people who arrange trips.
The Baths (Baños)
Banos means bath in Spanish and people mainly travel to Banos with the purpose of trying the town's thermal baths. The locals say that nature's own baths have a healing effect. Whether it is true or not, one thing is sure: Banos is a lovely place to go for relaxation and for nursing aching muscles after hard trekking in the mountains. Some of the baths' water supply comes from a volcano nearby, while others are supplied by melted ice coming from the mountains. The water may appear dirty, but the dirty colour is due to the water's many minerals.
The Church Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Agua Santa (Baños)
The church made in honour of the Virgin of holy waters is definitely worth a visit. A good part of many miracles in the area are ascribed to the holy virgin, and the museum that belongs to the church displays fine paintings of these miracles. Here you will also find a fine collection of stuffed animals and religious artefacts.
The City Cuenca (Cuenca)
Cuenca is the main city in the area and one of the most interesting with its lively street life as well as houses and churches from the colonial era. There are some Inca ruins near the city, but the best thing is just to go on a discovery in the cobblestone streets and watch life in the historical scenery. Be sure to walk down to the river, where the women wash their clothes in front some incredible beautiful houses.
The Centre of the World (Ecuador)
Mitad el Mundo is the place where scientists in 1736 for the first time measured the centre of the world: the precise lineage of equator. The place has a monument and a small ethnographic museum. When going there you should also visit the planetarium, which belongs to the complex at the precise centre of the world.
The Church La Compania (Ecuador)
You can hardly believe your own eyes when you enter the port to this Jesuit church in Quito. No less than 7 tons of gold has been used to make this church one of the most resplendent and best decorated in the world.
The City Zaruma (Ecuador)
In the southern part of the Coastal area is Zaruma. Years ago it was a very lively city mainly because of its goldmine, which is almost, empty now. It is still possible to visit the narrow mine passages and get a sense of the almost inhuman conditions, which the miners had to live with a couple of centuries ago. The beautiful wooden buildings made with beautiful balconies are absolutely adorable, and the mountains offer wonderful walks with fabulous views.
The Inca Ruins at Ingapirca (Ecuador)
The ruins are the biggest monuments left behind in Ecuador after the enormous Inca Empire that stretched all over the country. The remains of the fabulous stone constructions serve as a good testimony to what used to be an enormous building. The landscape is also magnificent. You can get to the ruins from the village Achupallas, where you follow an old curvy Inca route taking you through beautiful scenery.
The Indian Village Otavalo (Ecuador)
Otavalo north of Quito is known for the Indians beautiful craft and their strong cultural identity. Especially, the woven carpets are of high quality and extremely beautiful. There is a market on Saturdays, but in reality you can buy a piece of original Otavalo handicraft all week. When visiting the village you should also pay attention to the women's beautifully embroidered clothing, which they still wear.

Area and city attractions

• Atacames
• Baños
• Cuenca
• Puyo
• Quito
• Rio Bamba
• Saqui

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