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Attractions from Fiji

Beachbomber Island (Fiji)
This island is situated West of the coast of Viti Levu and is very popular with young people who like partying. The island is very small. It does not take much more than ten minutes to travel around it, yet it has a very strong attraction. A single hotel, with 'everything included', offers its services to those who visit the island. The hotel is not cheap but in return for its high prices it is party-proof and its live band has won several prizes and competitions, something, which guarantees that there, will be dancing.
The Bouma Waterfalls (Fiji)
These three waterfalls are situated in the cool rainforest in Tavoro Forest Park and Preserve on the island of Taveuni. It takes a rough hike to reach the falls but luckily the first waterfall is also the grandest. To reach all three, it is necessary to cross a river and do some climbing.
The Cultural Center (Fiji)
On Orchid Island at Pacific Harbour 10 kilometres from Suva there is a cultural centre that gathers all the important elements of Fijian culture to a compact show made to give tourists an insight into the unique traditions. Performances of original Fijian dance and displays of firewalking are arranged here.
The Garden of the Sleeping Giant (Fiji)
The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is situated close to Nadi on the main island, Viti Levu. Once this park was private property of actor Raymond Burr (better known as Perry Mason) but it has now been opened to the public. More than thirty different Orchid species can be seen in the park and there is also the possibility of taking a stroll in the beautiful landscape with ponds encircled by water lilies and close to dense rainforest.
The Growing Rock in Vunika (Fiji)
Vunika, a town placed on the island of Vanua Levu, has a Hindu temple with a growing rock. The rumour has it that the community of the temple have been forced to raise the roof of the temple several times because the rock had become too big. The temple is the destination of the pilgrimage of strong believers.
The hot springs in Savusavu (Fiji)
Several bubbling hot springs can be seen in the town of Savusavu on the island of Vanua. Steam rises from the springs and the locals sometimes bring pots of uncooked food, which they leave on rocks around the holes. When they come back after having run their errands, the food is cooked. Investigations have shown that the amount of energy produced by the hot springs would be enough to produce electricity for the entire island. But up until now nobody has made attempts at making use of the alternative form of energy.
The island of Ovalau (Fiji)
The small island of Ovalau is situated not far from Sula, north of the coast of Viti Levu. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the area. It is the setting of the first European capital founded by the English when they colonized Fiji in the 20th century and the former colonizers have left their mark. Both The Royal Hotel and the Ovalu club still stand as they did when the English lived there.
The Kadavu Islands (Fiji)
These islands, which do not see many tourists, are situated about 100 kilometres south of the coast of Suva. One of the most fascinating coral reefs in the world can be seen here, if the problems of getting to the island are ignored. Astrolabe Reef covers more that 48 km. on the northern part of Kadavu itself.
The Saint Francis Xavier Church (Fiji)
This church, which dates back to 1917, is placed on the northern side of Viti Levu. From the outside it dos not look that impressive, it has been kept up badly, but a number of unique frescos painted on wet plaster can be found inside. The frescos show the crucified Christ surrounded by the Fijian and the Indian peoples.
The island of Taveuni (Fiji - smaller islands)
The third-largest island in the jumble of islands is Taveuni, which lies north of the coast of Vanua Levi. This is one of the most amazing destinations for diving in the entire world. The Great White Reef and the Rainbow Reef, which are some of the world's most beautiful and most demanding diving areas, are both found in the deep Somoso Strait.

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