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Attractions from Finland

The Avasaka Mountain (Finland)
If you are planning on visiting Finland during the midsummer, you must not miss out on a visit to the Avasaka Mountain. The 242 metres high mountain is right next to the town of Ylitornio, which is located close to the Swedish border. The Avasaka Mountain has for centuries been the scene of an old tradition: on Midsummer Eve, a big crowd gathers on the top of the mountain in order to watch the dancing of the midnight sun.
Helsinki Cathedral (Helsingfors)
Helsinki Cathedral dates back to 1852 and today it represents the city. The cathedral has an abundance of columns and cupolas, and it looms majestically over the city from the top of the stairs leading up to it. The cathedral is located on the Square of the Senate, which is surrounded by several buildings also conceived by the man who designed the cathedral, namely the famous architect C.A. Engel. These buildings give the square a symmetrical and rather unique appearance.
The Museum of Modern Art (Helsingfors)
Helsinki's Museum of Modern Art is situated in the brand new facilities of Kiasma, a newly build gallery that has formed a centre of attention since its opening. The building is, like its collection of Finnish and international art of high quality, an attraction in itself.
The Temple Church (Helsingfors)
The Temple Church is quite extraordinary and draws a well-deserved amount of attention from the tourists of the city. The church has been carved out of a colossal mountain, and the rough stonewalls, in addition to a big copper dome, gives the interior of the church a very unique appearance.
The town of Hämeenlinna (Hämeenlinna)
The history of Hämeenlinna is evident in the town's great castle, in the archeological excavations, and in the many museums and churches of the town. The history of the town dates back to the age of the Vikings and walking down the streets of Hämeenlinna is like strolling through history itself.
The Town of Kristinestadt (Kristinestad)
The town of Kristinestadt lies a good deal south of Vaasa and is a piece of Finnish history in its own right. The extremely charming coastal town has a number of very old houses and interesting museums.
The town of Lahti (Lahti)
The town of Lathi is known for its great opportunities for skiing. The city has more than once hosted the world championship in skiing and every year a big international ski competition is being held here. Likewise, the town is the home of some very impressing hills for ski jumping.
The City of Rovaniemi (Lapland)
The city of Rovaniemi is actually the capital of Lapland. The city, which is located near the polar circle, was destroyed during the Second World War, but was later rebuilt by supervision of the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Rovaniemi is rich in attractions, among these the Polar Circle Cabin and the house of Santa Claus, a tourist attraction that is the result of the local belief in Finland as the home of Santa Claus.
The Highland (Lapland)
The highland of Lapland includes the area north of the polar circle and is covered by high mountains and roaring rivers (with plenty of fish) and has a great nature reserve. The area is perfect for skiing in the winter, while the desolate wastes draws on hiking enthusiasts like a magnet in the fall when the mosquitoes are gone.
The Kuusamo territory (Lapland)
The Kuusamo territory makes up the south-eastern part of Lapland. The area covers as much as 6,000 km2 of Lapland, but is almost completely desolated. The Kuusamo area is covered in snow every winter, which is why the area has a number of well-attended ski resorts with good excellent skiing facilities. In the summer time, Kuusamo offers the perfect conditions for hiking and wild water rafting.

Area and city attractions

• Helsingfors
• Hämeenlinna
• Kristinestad
• Lahti
• Oulu
• Seinäjoki
• Tampere
• Vasa
• Åbo

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