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Attractions from Ghana

The Centre of National Culture (Accra)
In this cultural centre, Ghanaian crafts and high-quality arts are sold.
The Makola Market (Accra)
People come to this exterior market from the entire surrounding areas of Accra, where every day includes trading and exchanging. Exotic spices as well as Ghanaian specialities are traded and the market may provide you with an excellent impression of the locals.
The National Museum (Accra)
The National Museum in Accra present to you works of present as well as ancient local Ghanaian artists.
The National Theatre (Accra)
Ghana's National Theatre is built in a Chinese style. All kinds of shows are presented here, together with music and plays. Moreover, the building is a popular conference centre.
Goldmines (Ghana)
Ghana has everything, so when the rain forest safari has finished, you may visit some of the goldmines in the western part of the country. The Tarkwa Goldmines and the Prestea Goldmines invite people on guided yours with previous agreement.
Lake Volta (Ghana)
The world's largest artificially created lake is a perfect place for people exercising water sports. Fishermen as well as people with boat dominate the surroundings of the lake, created by a large embankment generating power for the country. Beautiful beaches and idyllic places surrounded by palm trees make Lake Volta a very pleasant place - also for the many migratory birds that settle in the wet breeding places.
Paga Crocodile Pond (Ghana)
By the north-eastern border, a sacred crocodile pond is situated. Here you may safely get very close to a range of different African alligators and crocodiles.
The Cape Coast Area (Ghana)
Cape Coast provides excellent opportunities of relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sun and the seafood. It is moreover an excellent starting point for sightseeing in the area. Defences and castles dating back to colonial times are present, as well as wildlife parks presenting even more adventures.
The fishing village Apam (Ghana)
This small fishing village has some wonderful beaches, almost entirely inhabited. For people interested in private sunbathing in the shadows of the palm trees, this fishing village is the most perfect place.
The Forts of the Coast (Ghana)
Alongside the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, a row of old Portuguese, Dutch and British forts are present, which used to be the coastal guards for many colonialists. The forts in Elmina, St Jago and Cape Coast are surely worth a visit.

Area and city attractions

• Accra
• Kintampo
• Kumasi

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