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Attractions from Hungary

The castle area (Budapest)
The castle area in Budapest keeps some of the most important monuments and museums in the city. The Royal Palace, which was built back in the 13th century, is situated in the castle area, which also has an old quarter. A wall surrounds the castle area, which is one of the biggest sights in Budapest.
The Óbuda area (Budapest)
Óbuda is one of the oldest and most interesting areas in Budapest. The most remarkable thing in the area is the Roman ruins and the small cosy streets and houses, which create a special atmosphere. The area also has quite a few museums, among others the impressive Kiscelli Museum.
The Roman city Aquincum (Budapest)
The Roman City Aquincum was founded in the 1st century and is very well preserved. You can still see where the public baths were located. You can also watch the remains of the temple, which was built to honour the sun god Mithras. There is also a museum in the area, which puts Aquincum in a historical perspective.
Boat trips (Danube River)
A boat trip on The Danube River is one of the biggest attractions when visiting Budapest. During the trip you can enjoy the sight of all the romantic bridges you sail under. You can also watch the jewellery sellers and the antique bookshops along The Danube.
Cruises (Danube River)
Från Budapest kan man åka med på längre cruises på Donau, där turen inkluderar middag och underhållning ombord. Dessa turer är relativt dyra, men det är också en upplevelse. Man får se Budapest från en annan vinkel och upplever samtidigt det ungerska köket och ungersk dans och musik.
The old fortress Visegrád (Danube River)
Visegrád is situated a few kilometres up The Danube from Budapest. The place was a royal fortress once, but is now a tourist resort. The royal palace form the 15th century has been restored and rebuilt. At the King Matthias Museum you will see many interesting archaeological findings. You can sail on The Danube to Visegrád from Budapest.
Bikavér wine (Eger)
The good soil and the perfect climate surrounding Eger make the area perfect for growing grapes. Wine growing in this area dates back to the 13th century. The most famous wine from the area is the Bikavér wine, a vigorous red wine. You can go visit some of the vineyards in the area if you are interested in wine.
Eger Castle and Eger Cathedral (Eger)
Eger Castle originates from the 13th century. You will get the best view over the city from here. Eger Cathedral has a 40 metres tall minaret, with a claustrophobic narrow staircase leading to the top.
The city centre of Eger (Eger)
The city centre of Eger is closed of for traffic and the Hungarian government tries to preserve the old historical buildings in the city. A walk through Eger is one of the most interesting things you can do in the city. All the well-preserved baroque buildings make the walk a big experience. You will almost all the time find something new to look at and be overwhelmed by.
Hortobágy National Park (Hungary)
If you are into bird watching, you should not miss the Hortobágy Nationalpark. The park stretches for over 520 km2 and during the last 20 years there has been spotted more than 310 different bird species here. The park is also the home of the Stortrappen, a meter tall bird of about 20 kilos.

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