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Aya Sofya Church and the Blue Mosque (Istanbul)
Aya Sofya was built in 548 and was the greatest church in Christendom back then. The Church of the Divine Wisdom, as it is called, has had to survive many earthquakes throughout the years, though, and is now being supported by pillars of cement, giving it a very used appearance. It is very impressive on the inside, though. You can also see the Blue Mosque, with the most beautiful proportions and radiating such elegance, that you can't even begin to imagine it.
Topkapi Palace (Istanbul)
Topkapi Palace is a must to see, when in Istanbul. The building was erected in the 15th century, and has served as the home of several sultans and hundreds of concubines during the centuries. The palace harem was a small community in itself, and sometimes more than 500 people lived in the palace simultaneously.

Area and city attractions

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