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Attractions from Italy

Hiking (Dolomites)
The Dolomites offer some of the most spectacular areas for hiking in the Italian Alps. Here it is possible to go on one-day hikes as well as treks lasting several days. The high season is from July to October.
Ski sport (Dolomites)
The Dolomites are the home of some of the country's best ski resorts. It is possible to buy a ski pass that gives you admission to multiple resorts and their ski lifts. The high season is from December to April.
Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence (Florence)
Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence is the fourth biggest cathedral in the world, and one of the most famous monuments in Italy. The construction of the cathedral was initiated in 1296, and it took the builders 150 years before the magnificent cathedral was finished. Next to the cathedral an 82-m high bell tower makes it possible to get an impressing view of the entire city. This monument is an absolute must if you are visiting Florence.
The Ponte Vecchio bridge (Florence)
Ponte Vecchio is a famous bridge from the 14th century. It is known for the many silver- and goldsmiths whose workshops line the bridge. Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge that wasn't destroyed by the Second World War bombings.
The Uffizi Gallery (Florence)
The Palazzo degli Uffizi was built by Vasari in the 16th century. Today the building houses the most important art collection in Italy. The gallery has an impressing collection of paintings dating back to the period of time between the 13th and the 18th century where all the famous Italian painters are represented.
The city Piran (Italian Adriatic Sea Coast)
Once upon a time, the city only had a large fire to guide the ships safely into harbour. Today, Piran is a beautiful, historical holiday city, where past and present make out a wonderful mix.
Colosseum in Rome (Italy)
Colosseum is one of the most famous sights in Italy. The gigantic construction was completed in 82 AD and provided the setting for the notorious gladiator fights where men and animals fought till the death. Unlike other Roman amphitheaters, the Colosseum was not built directly into a rock, but stands freely as a massive building in the middle of Rome.
Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence (Italy)
It took more than to centuries to erect this fascinating cathedral that represents the meeting between the finest art forms of the renaissance. The cathedral was then, and still is, an architectural masterpiece. The building itself is richly decorated both on the outside and on the inside where you'll also find many wonderful renaissance sculptures.
Pantheon in Rome (Italy)
If you are visiting Rome, you must not miss out on a visit to the Pantheon. This beautiful building was originally a Roman temple, but was later turned into a Catholic church. The Pantheon was built in 118 AD, and today stands as one of the most impressing buildings in Italy.
Pompeii (Italy)
Pompeii once was a resort for wealthy Romans, but in the year 79 AD, the city was buried under large amounts of lava from the Vesuvius volcano. After this, the city was forgotten for centuries until it was rediscovered 1700 years later. Large parts of the city has been excavated, and today the place gives you a fascinating insight in the everyday life of the ancient Romans through wall paintings portraying religious and erotic motifs from the age of the Roman Empire.

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