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Attractions from Japan

The Atomic Bomb Dome ( Genbaku Domu) (Hiroshima)
Genbaku Domu is the last testimony in Hiroshima to the destruction brought by the bomb in 1945. The building used to be an industrial hall, but the impression the spectator gets from the steel construction is that the building was very beautiful. The building brings memories of a bloody past and is a heavy contrast to modern Hiroshima.
The Hiroshima Castle (Hiroshima)
Like all other buildings in Hiroshima, the Hiroshima castle is less than 55 years old. Still, the castle fulfils all your fantasies of how an old Japanese medieval castle should be. In the tower you will find an interesting exhibition of arms and armours.
The Torii Gate (Hiroshima)
20 km outside Hiroshima lies the fabulous Torii gate. Many people will recognise it from pictures and movies about Japan without knowing it by name. The Torii Gate is 17 metres high and made of red wood. It stands in the middle of the water outside the Shinto Temple Island Miyajima. When going to see the gate you should also take the time to enjoy the island's fabulous nature.
Mount Fuji (Japan)
Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. Officially you can only climb the mountain in July and August. In reality you can climb it all year round, even though you need to have some experience to do it during winter. The signposts are good and ensure that you do not get lost.
The Health Resorts in Karuizawa (Japan)
Karuizawa have health resorts sought after by many Japanese tourists. Karuizawa is an exclusive area with exclusive restaurants, small speciality shops and the like. If you are looking for the authentic Japan this is not the place to explore the Japanese soul. However, if you wish to relax and have a fat wallet the place is an excellent choice.
The Temple Meiji Jingu (Japan)
This impressive temple is situated in one of Tokyo's beautiful parks. The temple is one of the most holy temples in Japan. On New Years Day many Japanese visit the temple dressed in kimonos. The temple is dedicated to the emperor Meijii who opened Japan to the rest of the world. The temple has a lot of the emperor's personal belongings. The park also has a garden full of Iris, which is one of the most beautiful in Japan.
The Temple Sanjusangendo (Japan)
The temple Sanjusangendo in Kyoto is impressively large. The building of the temple was finished in 1266 and the 1001 statues are one of the masterpieces from the Kamukara era. Every year on the 15th of January a contest in archery takes place. This tradition dates as far back as the 16th century.
Places to go skiing (Japanese Alps)
The famous places to go skiing lie a couple of miles away from Nagano. Many of the best places to ski can be found at the Shiga Plateau or in the national park Joshin-Etsu Kogen Kokuritsu-Koen. In between all these places to ski you will find many lovely health resorts.
The City Nagani (Japanese Alps)
Nagano is mostly known because it was the host of the winter Olympic games in 1998. The city is the largest in the area. One of the best sights is the Zenkoji temple, which must been seen if you are visiting The Japanese Alps.
The Golden Pavilion (Kyoto)
Kinkakuji (the Golden Pavilion) is one of the prime sights in Kyoto. The temple was constructed in the 14th century but had to be reconstructed in 1955 after a crazy temple priest burned it to the ground. The temple is an exact copy of the old Kinkakujii and is covered by gold leaf.

Area and city attractions

• Hiroshima
• Kyoto
• Nara
• Osaka
• Sapporo
• Tokyo

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