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Attractions from Malta

The Ggantijia-temples (Gozo Island)
The Ggantijia-temples are some of the most important archaeological discoveries of the Maltese past. They were built around 3600 B.C. and have a very complex structure for that period.
Ghar Dalam - cave and museum (Malta)
Ghar Dalam is situated by the city of Birzebbuga, on the southern coast of Malta. This cave is the earliest sign of human- and animal life on Malta, containing an important collection of fossils. Here, you can see skeletons of extinct species, such as dwarf elephants and hippopotamuses.
Hagar Qim and the Mnadrja temples (Malta)
These two temples are situated near the village of Qrendi, 15 Km from Valletta. The temples date back from the Stone Ages, and are placed only 500 meters apart from each other. At the archaeological excavations they have found gigantic stone plates, reliefs and oracle chambers.
St.Marias Battery (Malta)
30 soldiers used to be stationed at St. Maria's Battery, in order to protect the island against pirates. It was built in 1702 and is the most expensive tower in Malta. Today, the tower is used to search for smugglers.
The Art Museum (Malta)
The Art Museum is situated in a palace from the 1700s and contains paintings, sculptures and furniture form the time of the Knights of the Order of St. John. There are artworks of Domenico di Michelino, Carpaccio, Perugino, Tintoretto, Rivera, etc. There is also a section exclusively reserved for Maltese artists.
The Blue Lagoon (Malta)
100 meters East of Comino, there is a small, uninhabited island called Cominotto. The water between the two islands is a popular place known as the Blue Lagoon.
The Citadel (Malta)
The Citadel is situated in the main city of Gozo - Victoria. The 'Gran Castello' (as the locals call it) is an old fortified city, with an intricate network of narrow streets designed to confuse the enemy. It also has an impressive Cathedral.
The Grand Masters Palace (Malta)
The Palace is situated on Republic Street in Valletta. It was originally home to the Grand Master, later to the English Governor, and today it houses the Presidency of Malta. The Palace contains two beautiful yards, a fine museum and one of the most impressive collections of tapestry in Europe.
The Manoel-theatre (Malta)
The Manoel theatre opened on January 9th 1732, making it one of the oldest functioning theatres in the world. The renowned Portuguese Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena with the purpose of distracting the population built it.
The Ta´Pinu-church (Malta)
This church is situated near the cities of Gharb and Gammar. Because of the detailed craftwork, it stands as one of the most important churches in Malta. The Church of the Pilgrim's has a 50 meters high tower, and was blessed by His Holiness Pope Pius XI in 1932.

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