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Attractions from Morocco

Mohammedia (Agadir)
Mohammedia is a popular spot near Agadir. The city is a modern seaport. It has a lot of industry, e.g a fish factory. Apart from this swimming is good in the areas around the city.
Shopping (Casablanca)
Casablanca is a good place for shopping. It offers expensive quality merchandise as well as inexpensive leather goods. Especially the old district may tempt you if you are into inexpensive goods. Here everything is offered at floating prices - it all depends on your peddling skills.
The King Hassan II Mosque (Casablanca)
The King Hassan II Mosque is the largest mosque in the world. It was consecrated as late as in August 1993. The main elements of the mosque are marble from Agadir and granite from Tafraoute and it's one of the most beautiful and striking buildings in the world.
The Old District (Casablanca)
Even though Casablanca is a modern city it also has an old district. It's a nice area with tiny houses and a market. However, it is inhabited by a lot of people and is rather crowded, so watch your valuables.
Badii Palace (Marrakech)
The Badii Palace has been considered one of the wonders of the Muslim world for a long time. It was the regent Ahmed El Mansour Dahbi who ordered the construction of the palace in 986. Sixteen years later a beauty of a building was built.
Dar Si Said museet (Marrakech)
Another of the wonders of Marrakesh is the Dar Si Said Museum which houses original Moroccan art. Here you'll see amazing treasures, for instance the gold- and marble treasures of Ahmed El Mansour (regent 1578-1603).
The old District (Marrakech)
Djemaa el-Fna is the beating heart of Marrakesh. The square in the old district is a ravishing ant's nest. Here you'll meet storytellers, snake charmers, magicians and acrobats. There's always something to look and wonder at and you may pass many hours just looking, smelling and tasting. Moreover, the old district also contains many other attractions in the shape of mosques and museums.
Fès (Morocco)
Fès is an old, impressive city. It was built back in the 8th century and is surrounded by more history and mystique than any other city or area in Morocco. For instance, visit the Royal Palace or Karaouine University which is older than Oxford University.
The area around Agadir (Morocco)
Several villages on the Mediterranean coast near Agadir are worth a visit. Try for instance Asilah, the fishing village and experience Hercules' caves at Cape Spartel. The town Tetuan is also worth a visit as it provides a view over the Mediterranean Sea from its position on a mountain slope.
The Beaches (Morocco)
The Mediterranean coast between Tangier and Nador has a wealth of small bays, beautiful cliffs and lovely beaches. This stretch is worth a visit if you are into water activities and love fishing, swimming and sailing.

Area and city attractions

• Casablanca
• Marrakech
• Rabat
• Tafraout
• Tangier

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