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Attractions from Netherlands

Rikjsmuseum (Amsterdam)
Rikjsmuseum in Amsterdam is the biggest museum of the Netherlands, and is home to many paintings of all the greatest Dutch painters, among them the painters of the golden age. The museum opened in 1885, and exposes such diverse artwork as paintings, ceramics, and tiles dating as far back as the 15th century.
The Anne Frank House (Amsterdam)
Most people have either read or heard about Anne Frank's tragic destiny during World War II. The house where she lived with her family is a very popular destination.
The Channels (Amsterdam)
While it might be an exaggeration to call it the Venice of Northern Europe, the channels nevertheless create a special and charming atmosphere in Amsterdam. The channels can be experienced in many ways, from a cup of coffee by the shore, to a sail on the water-bikes.
The red light district (Amsterdam)
The red light district is called Walleties in Dutch, and is all over the world seen as the symbol of the liberal attitude of the Dutch. 5000 prostitutes work in the area, which at the same time is one of Amsterdam's oldest neighborhoods.
The Rembrandt museum (Amsterdam)
Rembrandt's home in Amsterdam through almost 20 years has been turned into a museum housing an important collection of his paintings. At least 250 of his paintings may be admired in the three-storey house of the 17th century. Rembrandts work is further supplemented by paintings of his students, also exhibited in the museum.
The Overijsel region (Eastern Netherlands)
The old Hanseatic town of Zwolle is the most exciting city in the Overrijsel region. The city was founded in the 9th century, and in the 1400s the city was an important trading center for products such as corn and fish from the North Sea.
Middelburg (Middelburg)
In the Golden Ages, Middelburg was the most important center of commerce after Amsterdam. The beautiful houses in the old part of the city and the impressive cathedral are some of the relics from this time. The city hall of Middelburg is also worth a visit as it is considered as one of the finest non-religious gothic buildings in Europe. The city can be admired by foot or by the seaside from tourist boats.
Maastricht (Maastricht)
Maastricht lies in the south western corner of the country, near the German and Belgian borders. The history of Maastricht dates back more than 2000 years, as the city was founded by the Romans on the shores of the Maas river. One of the important sights is the Church of St. Servatius, which is the oldest in Holland. Another important sight in Maastricht is the Bonnefante Museum, which has an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures, some of which date back to before the 17th century.
The miniature city of Madurodam (Netherlands)
Madurodam in De Haag is a fantastic miniture city, which shows a great deal of the country in miniture format. So if you don't have time to visit all of Holland: visit Madurodam!
The Van Gogh museum (Netherlands)
This museum has taken its name from the renowned Dutch painter and houses one of the biggest collections of his work. The museum is divided into five sections, each accounting for a period in the life and work of Van Gogh. It lies in Amsterdam, not far from the other museums. Besides Van Gogh, it includes paintings by Toulouse-Lautrec and Gauguin.

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