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Attractions from New Zealand

The Aquarium Kelly Tarltons Underwater World & Antarctic Encounter (Auckland)
You'll find this fascinating aquarium six km east of the city-centre. When observing the fish, you stand on a rolling sidewalk going through a tunnel, and you can get off at anytime to study the colourful animals more closely. The purpose of the place is the give the visitors' an impression of what it's like to dive off the New Zealand coast.
The Skytower (Auckland)
The Skytower is the tallest building in the country and is taller than the Eiffel Tower. In the top of the tower you'll find restaurants, cafés and a casino, and it has an excellent view of the city and its surroundings. When it's windy, The Skytower sometimes swings more than a meter from side to side.
Avon River (Christchurch)
Avon River traverses Christchurch, and is a relaxing place for a quiet walk. You can also rent a canoe and sail up the river in the beautiful landscape, as well as the many barges on which you can also sail on the river.
Canterbury Museum (Christchurch)
This museum is situated at the entrance of the Botanical Gardens, and has a good exhibition of artefacts from the early colonial times. Furthermore, the museum has an excellent exhibition on the exploration of Antarctica and the entire history of Antarctica.
The Orana Park Wildlife Trust (Christchurch)
The Orana Park Wildlife Trust has an excellent system of trails, where you can see various colourful species of birds, and the park also gives you the opportunity to watch giraffes, lions, zebras and monkeys. There's a 20-minute drive from Christchurch to the park.
The city of Kaikohe (Kaikohe)
Kaikohe is located in the central part of Northland and is a place with strong Maori traditions. The different Maori tribes used to be involved in internal fights, and there are still many Maoris in the area. There's also a small village, built as a historical setting, with small houses, an old courthouse, a prison and so forth. A fascinating place to learn about New Zealand's history.
Queen Charlotte Track (Marlborough Sounds)
The entire trip on Queen Charlotte Track takes about three to four days, but can be done faster if you skip some places and go by boat instead. The area has a wonderful coastal landscape and some dense forest areas. The Track can be walked by people of all ages.
Bay of Islands Maritime & Historic Park (New Zealand)
This maritime and historic park spreads out on a vast area, and has plenty of hiking trails, which can last from ten minutes to ten hours. Walking around the area and on some of the islands, you'll see lots of beautiful nature and exciting historic sights.
Great Barrier Island (New Zealand)
If you want to get away from the crowds, Great Barrier Island is an excellent place to go, with its long, white and sandy beaches, lots of hiking trails, areas of forest and hot springs - a perfect place to unwind and enjoy nature.
Kawau Island (New Zealand)
Kawau Island is situated in the sea off the city of Warkworth, and the island's most interesting historical sight is the Mansion House. An impressive building built in 1846 by a former governor; the house for many years served as a hotel, but has now been turned into a museum. Besides this, the island has some nice, white beaches and pleasant hiking trails.

Area and city attractions

• Auckland
• Christchurch
• Kaikohe
• Queenstown
• Rotorua
• Wellington

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