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Attractions from Nicaragua

Bluefields (Bluefields)
The city is far away from everything and it is a slow and uncomfortable journey if you don't travel by air. The hurricane Joan tore away most of the city in 1988, so now only the remains of the colonial architecture and the houses on poles are left. However, this doesn't make the seaside resort less attractive and the city is situated in incredible scenery.
Granada (Granada)
Nicaragua's oldest town is Granada, which lies at the shore of Lago de Nicaragua. The charming town houses e.g. the Convento de San Francisco Museum, which displays masks and statues, found on the shores of the lake, and which are considered to be more than 2000 years old.
León (León)
The intellectual and cultural centre in Nicaragua has been León for a long time; the city which also fostered the Sandinista revolution. There are murals and bullet holes to remind of the revolution. Moreover, León is one of the few cities where some of the colonial architecture is intact.
Las Huellas de Acahualinca Museum (Managua)
The prehistoric Nicaragua can be seen at this museum, which houses e.g. the site where some 9000 year-old footprints were found. The footprints are directed towards Lago de Nicaragua because they are trying to escape a volcanic eruption.
The National Palace (Managua)
Palacio Nacional de la Cultura is one of the few buildings of historical value, which still stand after the several catastrophes and the civil war. At the entrance to the building you are met by two giant paintings of the two revolutionary heroes Augusto Sandino and Carlos Fonseca.
The New Cathedral (Managua)
Nueva Catedral de la Purísima Concepcíon, the new cathedral, screams for attention with its pink and purple domes. Many people find it appalling, but it is still worth a visit.
Masachapa (Masachapa)
This little filthy town on the coast has some of the most incredible beaches in Nicaragua. Pochomil, which is one of the beaches, is strewn with fine white sand and is bordered with lovely crystal clear water.
Nicaragua Lake (Nicaragua)
Central America's largest lake supports some amazing wildlife. The fish in the lake count as rare species as freshwater sharks, swordfish and sawfish, even though over fishing has made them a rare sight. Birdlife in the area is exceptional.
Ometepe Island (Nicaragua)
The biggest island in Lago de Nicaragua is Ometepe, which is a good place to go hiking. The two volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas are popular sights when the hiking boots are taken out for an airing. Prehistoric statues and rock engravings are also some of the sights on the island.
Selva Negra Forest (Nicaragua)
The black forest is the name of this area, which is situated betwenn Matagalpa, and Jinotega in the northern part of the country. The forest consists of cedar, pine and mahogany, while the many exotic orchids only make it even more beautiful. There is a rich wildlife; the more than 200 species of birds fill the air with song, while monkeys and armadillos deep closer to the ground.

Area and city attractions

• Bluefields
• Granada
• León
• Managua
• Masachapa

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