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Attractions from Norway

Arendal (Arendal)
Arendal is close to the river Nidelven and was formerly a busy harbour with a fleet of several hundreds ships. The town is the oldest one in Sørlandet and it has many galleries of artware. In 1992, the old quarter of the town received the "Europa Nostra" price for the restoration of the old wooded houses.
The boundary river Jakobselv (Kirkenes)
At the boundary river Jakobselv between Norway and Russia you can see the small chapel of Oscar II. The chapel was build of stone in 1869 as a spiritual watchtower.
The Sør-Varanger museum (Kirkenes)
The Sør-Varanger museum in Kirkenes contains exciting nature and culture-historical collections. The museum has a large building from 1997, the Border Area Museum, which exhibits Norwegian-Finnish-Russian relations through time.
The Øvre Pasvik Nasjonalpark (Kirkenes)
South of Kirkenes is the Øvre Pasvik Nasjonalpark. In the park are rare bird species and Norway's largest collection of the brown bear and wolfs. The park is situated in the Norwegian spit of land between Finland and Russian.
Churches (Kristiansand)
The Lutheran Cathedral in Kristiansand is from 1685, and it is worth a visit. The cathedral was restored in 1882-85. Close to the cathedral is the ancient Oddernes Church, which is dated back to the 1100s.
The Folklore museum (Kristiansand)
Kongsgaard, situated northeast of Kristiansand, has an interesting folklore museum where it is possible to see e.g. the richly coloured Norwegian national costumes.
The harbour (Kristiansand)
The harbour of Kristiansand is large and important. From here several ships leave for many European and American harbours, and it is a great experience to walk on the harbour and watch the traffic. From here the Colour Line ferry leaves to Hirtshals, Denmark.
Mandal (Mandal)
The sculptor Gustav Vigedal was born in this town, which is the southernmost town in Norway. The town has preserved wood architecture of great culture-historical value. Today, there are many shipbuilding yards. In the beginning of August, there is a "shellfish festival", where you can watch the Norwegian championship of shrimp shelling.
The Troms region (Northern Norway)
Troms is one of the most special regions in Norway with its large islands Senja and Hinnøy. There are three national parks in troms: Ånderdalen, Øvre Dividal and Reisadalen. All three parks have a rich animal life. When going to Hinnøy, you pass by Tjeldsundet over a very beautiful bridge before you reach eastern Hinnøy.
Bergen and surroundings (Norway)
Bergen is in the middle of Norway and it is a perfect starting point if you wish to explore the fantastic nature of the country. You can e.g. visit the Sognefjorden, which is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway, the beautiful Hardangerfjorden and see the waterfalls at the Geirangerfjorden. The most beautiful nature in Norway is around Bergen.

Area and city attractions

• Arendal
• Kirkenes
• Kristiansand
• Mandal
• Oslo
• Steinkjer

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