Attractions from Peru

Attractions from Peru

The city of Arequipa (Arequipa)
Beautiful mountain scenery and the volcano El Misti surround Arequipa, in 2325 metres height. It's a good place to visit if you want to see some of the colonial architecture and heritage. Its is also a good point of departure, if you want to see some of the surrounding attractions, such as the world's deepest canyon, Colca Canyon.
The city of Cuzco (Cuzco)
Cuzco itself is a charming city, centred around Plaza de Armas, which is a nice square with a view of the city's cathedral and bordered by cosy small cafes and restaurants. Just behind the square is one of the city's markets, where you can buy anything from handmade clothing to plastic souvenirs. Cuzco is also the starting point fro trips to Machu Picchu.
Markets (Lima)
You'll find several markets in Lima, such as the main market in the northwestern part of the city, where you can buy everything that you can imagine. It's a lively and chaotic market, and you have to watch out for pickpockets. There's also the Polvos Azueles and the Indian artisans market, which are both excellent markets. The prices and quality vary, though, so shop around before buying anything.
Museo de la Inquisición (Lima)
This museum is about the Spanish Inquisition, and you can see prison cells and torture chambers from the period, in the cellar. There are guided tours in Spanish and English, where you get some insight into a particularly special and horrible piece of history.
Museo de la Nación (Lima)
Museo de la Nación contains some good exhibitions of the country's history, where the different ages have each their floor - the further up you go, the more you move forward in time. There are lots of artefacts and pictures, and you should definitely go visit the museum, if you're interested in the history of Peru.
The fishing town of Huanchaco (North Coast with Huarez)
This small fishing town, about 15 km north of Trujillo, has some of the region's best beaches. The sea is somewhat polluted, though, so you have to be careful. The best time to visit this town is between January and March, where it is warmest, and if you don't want to bathe, you can stay on the beach and follow the fishermen's work in the morning.
The Huaraz area (North Coast with Huarez)
Huaraz is situated in Parque Nacional Huascarán, and many travellers come to Peru just to visit this area. The scenery is remarkably beautiful, with lots of mountains, which is also why it is a good place to trek and climb. It is the home of Peru's highest mountain, which is 6768 metres high.
The old city of Chan Chan (North Coast with Huarez)
Chan Chan is an incredibly ancient city, and even though it has been mostly reduced to ruins today, evidence has been found, that the inhabitants used to live on a very advanced level. Water drillings, bridges and food boxes are just some of the indications. The area consists of a main city and nine smaller cities around it. In the small cities, the "royals" were buried, each in his own city. The ruins are very impressive and definitely worth a visit.
Lake Yarinacocha (Peru)
Lake Yarinacocha, 10 km northeast of Pucallpa, is a beautiful little lake, which used to be a part of Rio Ucayali, but which has now been cut off the river. You can spend the night in the small town of Puerto Callao, where you can also rent a boat for a trip on the lake. You can watch a lot of different animals here, maybe even dolphins, if you're lucky.
Taquile Island (Peru)
Isla Taquile is a small, pleasant island in Lake Titicaca. The inhabitants wear colourful clothes, which they make themselves. The island has no roads and didn't have any electricity until the 1990s. The island contains several Inca ruins and terraces, and its great to just walk around the island, admiring these buildings and enjoy the silence. You can spend the night by one of the local people, and eat in one of the small restaurants, where they serve what they have at hand.

Area and city attractions

• Arequipa
• Cuzco
• Lima
• Puno

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