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Attractions from Portugal

Portimâo City (Algarve)
Portimâo is one of the largest cities and fishing ports on the Algarve Coast. During a visit to the city you don't have to settle with looking at fish. The city is also known for its furniture and basketwork and there are grounds for a bargain.
Santa Maria Island (Azores)
On the slopes of Santa Maria, the southern-most island, you can see huge terrace fields covered with wines. The charming island Santa Maria is one of the most beautiful spots on the Azores. Columbus visited the main city Vila Do Porto after his first voyage to America and one can easy understand why he chose to pick this spot, once you have experienced Santa Marias beautiful views and landscapes soothing in a constant ray of light.
The Pico Island (Azores)
On this island you get a sensation of unspoilt and original nature. The mountain topped with snow, the whales, the old fishermen and the vineyard farmers. A visit to Pico is like stepping into a miniature world build upon nature and where the only disturbance of the silence a tiny cosy villages overlooking The Atlantic Ocean.
The Cascais Bay (Estoril)
In Cascais the Bay is the main attraction. It is an adventure walking on the trail that runs along the bay and experiencing the contrasts between colourful local fishing boats and the white luxurious yachts also arriving at the harbour.
The Estoril Hill (Estoril)
Close to Estoril is the Estoril Hill 109 metre high. Perhaps not much in a country filled with mountains, but the place has something else to offer. The hill is famous for its trees, especially palm trees, eucalyptus trees and pines.
The Nossa Senhora da Vitória Chapel (Estoril)
In the Nossa Senhora da Vitória Chapel you can see an image of saint Anthony. A local regiment of the infantry held the image as they fought against the French during the war on the Pyrenean Peninsula in 1808-14. the citadel is from the 17th century and is the residence of the Portuguese President. Close by are ancient burial grounds - worth a visit.
The city of Faro (Faro)
If you want a historical and cultural supplement to your bathing holiday, visit Faro. Faro is the capital of the Algarve Coast and has a lot of monuments to show. For instance the Roman cathedral Sâo Francisco and Nossa Senhora da Assuncâo. The city also has museums to show e.g. the Infante Dom Henrique, Antoniano and Ramalho Ortigâo museums.
The city of Funchal (Funchal)
Funchal is Madeira´s almost 500-year-old capital and with 120.000 inhabitants is the largest city on the island. It is said that the city got its name because of the huge amounts of fennel that once grew in the area. Funchal is uniquely situated on top the shape of an amphitheatre starting at the beach and towering up towards the city.
The Jerónimos Monastery and Torre de Belém Tower (Lisbon)
The building of the Jerónimis Monastery in Portugals capital Lisbon was initiated in 1502 and completed by the closing of the century. The monastery survived an earthquake in 1755. Close by you can see the Torre de Belém Tower, which is probably one of the most photographed monuments in Portugal.
Ribeiro Frio River (Madeira Islands)
The Ribeiro Frio, the cold river is on the north side of Madeira and is the most popular spot for initiating a hike. Ribeiro Frio has a lush green landscape. The green blanket use to cover the entire Madeira, but especially in this area the original vegetation of the island is preserved intact.

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